Amelie Deuflhard

Artistic Director, the international center for the finer arts „Kampnagel“, Hamburg


Amelie Deuflhard directed the Sophiensæle in Berlin between 2000 and 2007. In 2004/05 she was one of the artistic directors of “Volkspalast” (People’s Palace), a kind-of festival project at the demolished Palace of the Republic. Since 2007 Amelie Deuflhard is the artistic director of Kampnagel Hamburg, the biggest independent stage and production venue for international Performing Arts in Germany. In March 2010 Amelie Deuflhard was awarded with the Caroline-Neuber award of the city of Leipzig, and in November 2013 she received the insignia of the Chevaliers des Arts et Lettres from the French ministry of culture. In 2017, Amelie Deuflhard was one of the four curators of the festival Theater der Welt, one of the biggest theater festivals in Europe.