Andreas Görgen

Head of the Culture and Communication Department at the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin


Andreas Görgen is Head of the German Foreign Office’s Culture and Communication Department. He first completed a law degree, before in 1996 beginning his professional career at the Berliner Ensemble theatre. For a number of years he had been working between Germany and France, in the field of culture as well as industry. After accomplishing a scholarship at the École Nationale D’Administration in France, he changed sectors, working in the public financing of films. This was followed by consultancy roles in the managerial teams of the State Ministry for Culture and Media, the Federal Chancellery’s Europe Department, and at the Foreign Office under Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier. Having gained experience and negotiating expertise on the complex international circuit, there followed between 2009 and 2013 senior roles in the energy sector with Siemens South West Europe, prior to once again returning to the Federal Foreign Office.