Armin Staffler

Drama teacher, political scientist, Legislative theater, Tirol


Mag. Armin Staffler (* 1975) holds a Magister degree in Political Science from the University of Innsbruck. He is certified as “Theaterpädagoge BuT®” by the German “Bundesverband für Theaterpädagogik e.V.”  (German National Association of Theatre Education).
He has been actively involved in the field of Applied Theatre since 2000, working primarily on issues such as addiction, violence, suicide, disabilities, inclusion and topics on asylum, as well as many more questions concerning our living together. Among others, he was trained by Augusto Boal (Theatre of the Oppressed) and David Diamond (Theatre for Living). He works as freelance workshop-facilitator and artistic director of socio-political theatre projects. He is a faculty member of the MA in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation at the UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck, the School of Education, also at the University of Innsbruck and the MA Programs for Applied Theatre at the “PPH der Diözese Linz” and the “KPH Wien/Krems”. Furthermore, he is published author of “Augusto Boal. Einführung” (“An introduction to Augusto Boal”, 2009) and translated David Diamond’s publication “Theatre for Living. The art and science of community-based dialogue”. (German: “Theater zum Leben. Über die Kunst und die Wissenschaft des Dialogs in Gemeinwesen”, 2012)
Honorary offices: Chairman of “spectACT-Association for political and social Theatre” and “Coordinator for political and social Theatre in the Tyrolean Theatre Association”.