Ben Hewett

Deputy Government Architect, Government Architect New South Wales, Sydney


Ben Hewett is the Deputy New South Wales Government Architect. The Government Architect’s office works across sectors and disciplines to promote good design of the built environment through advocacy, research, collaboration and guidance. Ben leads the strategic functions of office including the development and implementation of “Better placed: an integrated design policy for the built environment of New South Wales”.

Previously Ben was the inaugural South Australian Government Architect and Executive Director of the Integrated Design Commission and the subsequent Office for Design and Architecture SA. During this period, Ben was also Director of “5000+, an Integrated Design Strategy for inner Adelaide”, which was a national pilot project collaborating across three tiers of government, and with industry,  academia and communities, to develop a design-based vision for Adelaide and model for urban development.

Prior to these roles, Ben was a Senior Lecturer with the University of Technology Sydney, and has experience in small, medium and commercial architectural practice.