Bjarne E. Jensen

Strategic urban leadership expert, co-author of “Local Leadership – local growth” and former CEO at REG LAB, Copenhagen


One of Denmarks leading experts in innovation and regional economic development. For 10 years he was the CEO of REG LAB, Denmark’s leading network and think tank for regional economic development and innovation policy.

He is a frontrunner in breaking down silos and creating more joint actions across silos and stakeholders, and has for the past 20 years been influential in creating better industry policies across the Scandinavian countries. He is also co-founder of Cluster Excellence Denmark, a leading national support organisation for clusters and innovation networks. He is now an independent free agent, advising local and regional economic development, clusters and private enterprises.

In September 2018 he launches a new book called “Local leadership – local growth. When places and people transform for growth”. The book, published by Gyldendal Business - Denmarks leading publishing agency - explores the fundamental strategies, processes and cultures that characterise the places that succeed in changing for growth, with informal, unwritten aspects very often being crucial aspects that distinguish places that succeed from places that fail.

Bjarne has 20 years of experience working with clusters and innovation policy. He is author of numerous publications (books, reports, guides, articles) and is an often-used expert and speaker. He has led evaluations and analyses of cluster initiatives, including international teams of researchers. He regularly reviews cluster strategies for regional and national cluster programs to make recommendations.

Bjarne’s expertise is with key stakeholder management and multi stakeholder analysis particularly in the fields of clusters, business service and innovation policy. His work involves areas such as cluster development, collaboration between knowledge institutions and business and development of the business link system. REG LAB has influenced the understanding and implementation of cluster policy at a national and regional level in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.