Christian Hübel

Head of Unit, Department Lord Mayor/Strategic Control, City of Mannheim


Christian Hübel is the Head of Strategic Management of the City of Mannheim. The city set out to become one of the most modern administrations in Germany through a large-scale change project in 2009 and was therefore awarded with the German Sustainability Prize.
Mr. Hübel, the social scientist (political science, modern history, economic and social history), was also longtime working as DJ and full-time managing director of the Rhine-Neckar SPD. In 1999, he moved to the Department of Education, Culture and Sport, where he was responsible for the development and implementation of the strategy for the development and establishment of the music industry in Mannheim and the development of city marketing.
As the head of Strategic Management, ranking management, trend seeking and competition management are part of his day-to-day business. Currently, his main focus is on the exemplary implementation of the 17 UN sustainability goals in a municipality.