Engelhard Mazanke

Head of Foreigners' Registration Office State Office for Residents' and Regulatory Affairs (LABO), Berlin


Mazanke, Engelhard: *1963, head of Foreigners Registration Office of Berlin since 2011; 1986-1991 studies of jurisprudence in Konstanz. 1994-2004 Consultant at the administration of the Senator of Berlin for home affairs with the focus on supervisory control of the Foreigners Registration Office; 2004-2011 assistant director of the Foreigners Registration Office of Berlin; along the way (1995-1998) lecturer on civil law and  administrative law at the administrative academy of Berlin. Participation in international and national symposia and conferences (particularly multiple times as official expert in the German Bundestag); married since January 1999, 2 sons at the age of 15 and 18 .