Evelyn Schulz-Algie

Project lead participation at school, Servicestelle Jugendbeteiligung e.V., Berlin


Evelyn Schulz-Algie, born in 1986, studied Social and Cultural Anthropology (B.A.) and Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights (M.A.) at FU Berlin. She is a qualified Child Protection Specialist and a Coordinator in International Project Management. As a Program and Project Coordinator at Kindernothilfe e.V. she ran various projects in the fields of education, child protection, participation and gender in Haiti, Peru and Bolivia. As part of a research project of the EHB and ISTA/Fachstelle Kinderwelten she did research on young refugee children in Berlin. Since 2018 Evelyn Schulz-Algie has been the project manager for the project Schüler*innenHaushalt in the field of participation in schools condcuted by the Servicestelle Jugendbeteiligung e.V.