Helene Wildfeuer

Chairwoman of the Management Board, German Association of Public Servants (dbb), Federal Women’s Representation, Berlin


Helene Wildfeuer has been chairing the dbb bundesfrauververtretung since 1998, representing the interests of more than 400,000 female civil service employees. In the dbb beamtenbund und tarifunion, she heads the basic commission for economic and tax policy. The trained tax officer is also the district chairman of the Bavarian Financial Trade Union in northern Bavaria (bfg), to which she has been a member since 1970. In addition, Helene Wildfeuer is chairman of the district staff council at the Bavarian State Office for Taxes in Nuremberg. From 1989 to 1999, Helene Wildfeuer, as chairwoman of the DSTG-Bundesfrauenvertretung, was responsible for the women's policy work of the German Tax Union in the dbb network. For her work she received the Bundesverdienstkreuz in 2003. In 2013 she was awarded the “Finanzmedaille in Silber” by the Bavarian Minister of Finance.