Johannes Hillje

Author of the transnational study “Rückkehr zu den politisch Verlassenen”; Policy Fellow, Progressives Zentrum, Berlin


Johannes Hillje is political and communications consultant in Berlin and Brussels. At Das Progressive Zentrum he contributes to the programme Future of Democracy. He works for institutions, parties, politicians, companies and NGOs. Among others, he advises on organisational development, branding strategies and stakeholder-communication. He further advises institutions and organisations on data and technology-based approaches. During the European Elections in 2014, he managed the European Green Party’s election campaign. He previously worked in communications for the UN in New York and in the ZDF’s editorial office of In 2017 he published his book “Propaganda 4.0” (Dietz publishing). Hillje obtained his master’s degree in Politics and Communication a the London School of Economics and his Magister in Political Science and Journalism at the University of Mainz.