Katrin Lademann

Consultant & Network Coordinator, Foundation Small Scientists’ House, Halle


Katrin Lademann, born in Halle/ Saale in 1966, began after 12 years in school education, studies as certified teacher for mathematics and physics. Following a professional experience of only one year she had to re-orient herself in 1991 due to a massive string of layoffs of teachers.

In 1991 she changed over to technical and administrative supervision in the field of day care centres of the City of Halle/Saale. In 2006 she accompanied the restructuring into the Municipal Corporation Day Care Centres of the City of Halle and was appointed Head of the Department Care Management. She is currently in charge of 800 specialists and 5,600 children in 55 day care centres. During the same year she was involved in the development of the QM System Kita Frühling together with McKinsey.
Since 2007 the municipal corporation has been a network partner of the Foundation Small Scientists’ House. She has taken over the network coordination and has become a trainer for all institutions within the municipal corporation and four institutions of private providers.

At present around 150 specialists participate per workshop topic in the workshops of the Foundation Small Scientists’ House.

Since 2011 she has organised in cooperation with the saltworks of the City of Halle the annual summer academy for specialists: during one week they work together on the educational contents mathematics, nature and technology – during two weekdays children are integrated into the continued education week.