Liesbeth Jansen

Director & CEO of Marineterrein and Linkeroever, Amsterdam


Liesbeth Jansen (1955) is an independent consultant and active in the area of redevelopment and creative entrepeneurship. Her company Linkeroever revitalizes buildings and areas through programming ( Since 1992 she initiated and coordinated the temporary programming and letting of the Westergasfabriek for the city of Amsterdam. From 2000 until 2010 Liesbeth was managing director of the privately owned Westergasfabriek BV.  In combination with her work for Linkeroever, since December 2013 Liesbeth is project director for the Marineterrein, situated in the centre of Amsterdam. The area is gradually being vacated by the Ministery of Defence. Liesbeth integrates the Marineterrein in the city, by adding cultural, social, sustainable and economic values.