Maik Bohne

Author of the Policy Paper „Wandel der Repäsentation”, Visiting Fellow, Progressives Zentrum, Berlin


Political Scientist Dr Maik Bohne is owner and director of the consultancy “Die Gesprächspartner”. At Das Progressive Zentrum he contributes to the programme Future of Democracy. He has been advising public institutions and companies for many years but has also worked within German bureaucracy. From 2013 until 2017 he worked in the strategic department of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), which organises the infrastructure for Germany’s largest seaport. As a journalist, Dr Maik Bohne has asked questions on the loss of trust in the public sphere and on the reform of bureaucracy and democracy. He has published his views in numerous articles (Handelsblatt, Cicero, Süddeutsche Zeitung among others) and studies.