Marc Groß

Program Director Organisation/Information Management, Communal Joint Office for Administrative Management (KGSt), Cologne


Marc Groß manages the department organisation- and information management at the KGSt, where he is the driving force, source of inspiration, discovery, strategist, brand ambassador and networker. He is responsible for the vision und strategy of a sustainable organisation- and information management and interface to the department human resource management with focus on digitisation and new work. Another task of his is to provide the organisation and collaboration of the individual key activities, which are strategic management, organisational policy and organisational culture. Included in this are also management basics: product-, process-, change-, quality-, innovation-, knowledge-, data- and position management and topics as digitisation, IT control  and digitisation of public administration. As an expert of local management he is also part of panel discussions, gives lectures und writes articles and concepts to all mentioned issues, especially digitization, digital municipalities and new work.