Oliver Christopher Will

Managing Director of "Die Strategiemanufaktur", Karlsruhe


Oliver Christopher Will is founder and CEO of The Strategy Architects (TSA) / Die Strategiemanufaktur, a pioneering Think-and-Do Tank fostering organization’s capacities and capabilities in strategy, innovation and systemic change in the public and non-profit-sector.


Current projects: Smart Cities and Regions, Institutional- and Social Innovation, Innovation Ecosystems, Smart Programming and Collective Impact, Co-Designing Change, Digital and Public Diplomacy.


Oliver was holding senior positions in the private sector (Mercedes Benz), European Science Management (Founding Director ECRF, Brussels/Tübingen) and Government Departments (Science, Culture, Leadership Academy BW).


He studied History, Law and Politics focusing on European Integration (Thesis on First UK’s Application to the EEC) at Tübingen and Durham University (University College), UK, and is a trained systemic consultant. He is lecturing (Zeppelin University, HSoG, HTW, Berlin) regularly and publishing on Leadership and Goverment Reform.