Penny Gale

Change and Innovation Expert, former Senior Policy Advisor, Government of South Australia, former General Manager Engagement and Innovation at The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA)

Penny Gale is a 61 year old university dropout who has perplexed her friends and family all her life. Her different way of looking and thinking have found her changing jobs sometimes at an alarming rate. She refuses to accept the status quo and is deeply motivated to help people reach their potential. She is passionate about equality and has boundless energy and enthusiasm. 

Penny Gale’s experience spans all three tiers of government in Australia as well as the private and profit for purpose sectors and as a senior advisor to a South Australian Premier.. She has worked in public sector reform , in an executive role for the largest membership based organisation in the State as well as the Chamber of Commerce and as an associate in a government relations firm.
Her major areas of responsibility include communication, stakeholder engagement, and all facets of innovation from business improvement to disruption.
Penny is an independent thinker, who challenges the status quo and is never afraid to put a different point of view. She is also a board member of the first employee mutual to be spun out of a state government department .