Wolfgang Schuster

Chairman "Cities for Mobility"/"Cities for Children"; Vice President "United Cities & Local Governments", President "Council of European Municipalities & Regions"; Executive Board Chairman "Deutsche Telekom Stiftung"; Former Lord Mayor of Stuttgart


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster, born 1949 in Ulm on the River Danube, studied Law, completing his doctorate in Civil Law. He then studied at the École Nationale d'Administration (ENA) in Paris.
Among the most important milestones in his professional career were his appointment to the office of mayor of the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd in 1986, a position which he held for seven years. From there he moved to Stuttgart, where for a period of 4 years up to the beginning of 1997 he served as Deputy Mayor with responsibility for the arts & culture, education and sport, and was then elected as the city’s Mayor, managing the affairs of the Baden-Württemberg state capital for altogether 16 years, from 1997 to 2013.
Prof. Schuster also have a variety of other positions, e.g. as a member of the German government’s Sustainable Development Council, as the Chairman of the European Foundation for Education, as Honorary President of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) in Brussels and Honorary Vice-President of "United Cities and Local Governments" (UCLG) in Barcelona.
Since the beginning of 2015, Prof. Schuster has been chairman of Deutsche Telekom Stiftung, a non-profit foundation.