In more than 100 programme hours the Festival will talk, away from civil servant German, in plain text amongst like-minded people about challenges and effective solutions in all areas of the Public Sector – from citizen participation, dismantling of bureaucracy and digitalisation to customer satisfaction, talent recruitment and transparency. In interactive event formats participants will elaborate and try out together, discuss, exchange and develop further.




Make a programme proposal now: You are amongst the masterminds in the Public Sector, know the best practices, have creative ideas. Send us your proposal for a programme contribution.

Highlights of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2019:

International Forum of Government Innovation Agencies

For the first time at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival: Masterminds as well as movers and shakers from innovation agencies and mindlabs meet in Berlin for an international exchange. Administration optimisers from all over the world present new solutions and discuss them with the participants at the forum.


The future bureaucrat – being formally correct is not necessarily also citizen- and service-oriented

Which chances does the digitalization offer for a citizen-oriented public sector? What are the core competencies of future bureaucrats? How does one encourage public employees to use existing discretionary scope and to initiate innovation? How to bring flexibility to rigid structures?

We invite you to discuss with us concrete examples of modern leadership, professional-training programs, transformation processes and mechanisms to initiate change.


Administrative universities and the talents of tomorrow

Talent promotion, scarcity of skilled labour and demands on civil servants and employees of the future – the requirements to be met by administrative universities are huge and continue to increase. Rectors, presidents and representatives of leading administrative universities from Germany and abroad put new ideas and concepts up for discussion. Selected pupils, students and graduates discuss directly with their future employers.


Creative Bureaucracy Festival Academy

During the Creative Bureaucracy Festival, the Academy offers experienced practitioners a unique learning environment, in which creative and participatory design approaches for administrative innovations are used interactively and practically.