More than 100 speakers, panellists and workshop leaders from all areas of the Public Sector, both nationally and internationally, are the core of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival. They are the masterminds and innovators in the public administrations and have an exchange in interactive formats with the participants about innovative, practical solutions, successful and inspiring projects as well as creative approaches for the Public Sector.

 The list of speakers will be updated continuously. We are grateful for further program suggestions.

Jürgen Böhm , Federal Chairman, Verband Deutscher Realschullehrer

Karoline Herrmann , Chairwoman, dbb German Civil Servants Federation Youth

Nils Hoffmann , Head, GovLab Arnsberg - District Government of Arnsberg

Stephan Naundorf , Better Regulation Unit, Federal Chancellery

Prof. Dr. Frank Nolden , Rector, Hochschule Meißen (FH) und Fortbildungszentrum

Caroline Paulick-Thiel , Strategic Design & Executive Director, Politics for Tomorrow

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Stember , Professor of Administrative Sciences, Scientific Coordinator with focus on Economic Development, Harz University of Applied Sciences