Anke Domscheit-Berg

Member of Parliament, DIE LINKE, Berlin, Germany

Anke Domscheit-Berg (51), is an entrepreneur, publicist, political activist and elected Member of Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) for the Left Party (Die Linke). She studied Applied Textile Art in East Germany and International Business Administration in England and Germany. After 14 years working for Accenture, McKinsey Business Technology Office and Microsoft, she became selfemployed in 2011, published two books and is a frequent speaker and writer on topics such as the impact of the digital revolution and the future of work.

Her main area of interest is how the digitalisation changes our society and what can be done politically to see the best of possible futures becoming our next reality. Being active in various NGOs and intitiatives, she supports gender equality, open government, and the integration of refugees.