Carolin Holat

Founder, Meinfahrradspendet UG, Karlsruhe, Germany


While studying Social Work at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Carolin Holat founded the social startup Meinfahrradspendet. Meinfahrradspendet encourages  cyclists and companies to form tandem partnerships for sponsoring. The cyclists carry advertisements on the wheels and in return, the companies donate 40€ per bike and per season to local aid organisations.

In her Bachelor dissertation, she determined the number of people who are entitled to housing benefits, basic insurance in old age, or child benefit supplement, but don´t apply for these benefits. Next to her part-time job as a caregiver for people with disabilities, she is currently working on a simple, userfriendly and multilingual web-application which informs people about the social benefits which they are entitled to. The application will also have a multilingual online application-assistant functionality. Carolin describes herself as co-creation-partner from civil society for innovation in the administrative sector, and as a pioneer for public-citizen-partnerships.