Frank Nolden

Rector, Hochschule Meißen (FH) und Fortbildungszentrum, Meissen, Germany


Frank Nolden studied business administration and law in Kiel and Lausanne. He joined after doctorate in the Hamburg tax administration, and changed after a few years at the University of Cologne as a deputy chancellor. This was followed by a commitment as Administrative Director of the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig / Halle. From there he moved to the University of Leipzig, where he worked as the chancellor. Now he is the rector of the University of Public Administration and Justice in Meissen and professor of public law. In 2016 he worked as overall project manager for the organization of the reunification day celebrations in Dresden.

In addition to dealing with university and university challenges, he was particularly interested in topics such as personnel and (IT) organizational development and the management of public enterprises.