Jelena Manic Petronikolos

Teamleader, United Nations Development Programme Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Jelena Manic Petronikolos is a dedicated professional, with over 20 years of experience from all sectors – private and public sectors, NGOs and international organizations. The last 14 years she has been working for the United Nations/UNDP, with the last 11 years as a team leader for the Governance Cluster and as of January 2019 – Acceleration for SDGs Cluster in UNDP Serbia.

Ms. Manic Petronikolos has experience working in a multitude of programmatic areas, ranging from more classical ones such as parliamentary development, public administration reform, public finance management to digital transformation, open data, circular economy, Belt and Road initiative, etc. She has been active in introducing the latest trends in crafting the #NextGenUNDP, such as a platform approach in concept development, a portfolio approach in implementation, mainstreaming innovation in clusters, etc.

Ms. Manic Petronikolos is also the focal point in UNDP Serbia for establishment of an Accelerator Lab, as a part of the world’s largest learning network with labs being established in 60 countries globally.