Klaus Burmeister

Co-founder, D2030, Berlin, Germany

After studying political science, the trained high-voltage electrician first worked at the Free University of Berlin, then at the IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment in Berlin, and from 1990 he helped set up the Secretariat for Futures Studies (SFZ) in Gelsenkirchen. In 1997 he founded Z_punkt The Foresight Company, which today is one of the leading companies for strategic future consulting and corporate foresight. In 2014, he founded the foresightlab, which he directs. From 2016, he is also Managing Director of the non-profit initiative D2030.

For three decades, he has been intensively engaged with the changing challenges for the economy and society. The process of digital transformation, technological disruptions and social upheavals as well as the active co-designing of necessary transitions are the main topics of his work. What is needed for this is an understanding of systemic contexts, networked thinking, new forms of learning and cooperation, readiness for experimental action and visions for a future-proof shaping of the present.