Leo van Loon

CEO, Buzinezzclub, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Leo van Loon, MsC (1976) has launched three Social Impact Bonds, among which the first of continental Europe. This was a worldwide premiere because he was the first social entrepreneur to invest in a Social Impact Bond as well as executing it.
During his studies business economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, he started his first company, which grew into a social enterprise that now supports over 2.000 unemployed youngsters and refugees yearly. The Buzinezzclub is recognized as a best practice by the International Labour Organization and the Brookings Institute has stated that the Buzinezzclub is one of the leaders in Social Impact Bonds worldwide.  
Leo sees a lot of talent and ambition being wasted especially among the underprivileged. With his activities, book and speeches, he wants to stimulate people to use their talents, be entrepreneurial and step out of their comfort zone. Leo has reached tens of thousands of people and in his perspective he just started. Highlights for him include a speech in Taipei for creatieve entrepreneurs and government officials and in Geneve for the International Labour Organization in their centennial.