Mario Husten

Executive Director, Holzmarkt, Berlin, Germany

Mario Husten graduated from the School of Economics in East Berlin. During the fall of the Berlin Wall he was involved in the student movement. He initially worked as a journalist, but soon moved to Gruner + Jahr (G+J), one of Europe's leading publishing houses. For G+J he spent more than ten years abroad. He founded and managed newspaper publishing companies in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Serbia and built printing plants. Back at G+J headquarters in Hamburg, he was responsible for the internationalisation of magazines such as GEO before assuming overall responsibility for Eastern Europe and opening up its new markets with an office in Warsaw.

Mario left Gruner + Jahr in 2006 and subsequently advised international media companies and supported start-ups in the Adriatic region. In 2010, he returned to Berlin with his family and founded a cooperative start-up network called "IdeenSchaffenWerte eG". He is currently a board member of Holzmarkt 25 Genossenschaft and works on the realisation of sustainable urban development projects.