Matthias Martin

IT Consultant, Sächsischer Städte- und Gemeindetag, Dresden, Germany


Matthias Martin studied at the Advanced College of Applied Administrative Sciences of Saxony in Meißen (Fachhochschule der Sächsischen Verwaltung Meißen). He started his career as Managing Director of a municipal association. From 1999 on he worked in the city administration of Wilsdruff (Saxony) as head of the Citizens Office and the Building Authority, seated in the Mayor's Office. After finishing his studies in Business Informatics, he his responsibilities changed as he became head of the IT Solution Management. As IT Consultant of the Association of Cities and Municipalities of Saxony (Sächsischer Städte- und Gemeindetag) he is involved in wide-ranging discussions and strategies on various IT and E-Government issues since 2018.

Apart from this Matthias Martin works as a lecturer at the University of Applied Administrative Sciences of Saxony in Meißen (Hochschule der sächsischen Verwaltung (FH) und Fortbildungszentrum) teaching Business Management, in particular “the learning organization" since 2013, including E-Government, Business Process Management and Document Management.