Noemi Salantiu

Community Director and Co-founder, Edgeryders, Brussels, Belgium

Noemi Salantiu has experience in community development and management; content curation and storytelling for engagement, healthy growth and generative social dynamics; Event management, facilitation and communication; Consultancy for building civic networks i.e. in development programs or in European Capital of Culture (ECOC) program.

Edgeryders combines the intense focus and rigor of consultancy with the scale, openness and democratic legitimacy of citizen consultation. We are a non-profit, distributed research and consultancy operating on a global scale, relying on selfhosted, open source digital technologies and research tools. The social enterprise lives in symbiosis with a community of mostly young people and innovating projects which aims to support through its work. We and they aspire to a deep societal fix, tackling the fundamental problems of expanding individual freedom, establishing a fair social deal, crafting an environmentally sustainable society

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