Oliver Rack

Open Government Lead & Board Member, Politics for Tomorrow, Berlin, Germany


Oliver Rack is a board member of nextlearning e.V., the legal structure behind the public sector initiative Politics for Tomorrow. He is committed to the modernization of statehood, especially to an attractive, sustainable, changeable and resilient policy and public administration. Oliver is a member of the Strategy Council of the Open Government Network Germany, which supports the Federal Government within the framework of its Open Government Partnership. He is one of the pioneers of the Open Government movement, which advocates transparency, trust and cooperation between civil society and state institutions, not least because the current change challenges statehood and sovereignty, but also because digitisation, for example, creates new opportunities for trans-sectoral co-creative cooperation. As a Fellow of the Federal Centre of Competence for Culture and Creative Industries, he is therefore particularly committed to Creative Bureaucracy in order to strengthen public institutions for the future.