Oliver Will

Board, Social Innovation Road e. V., Karlsruhe, Germany

Oliver Christopher Will is the founder and CEO of The Stra-tegy Architects (TSA) / Die Strate-giemanufaktur, a pioneering Think-and-Do Tank fostering organization’s capacities and capabilities in strate-gy, innovation and systemic change in the public and non-profit-sector.
Current projects: Smart Cities and Regions, Institutional- and Social Innovation, Innovation Ecosystems, Smart Programming and Collective Impact, Co-Designing Change, Digital and Public Diplomacy.
Oliver was holding senior positions in the private sector (Mercedes Benz), European Science Management (Founding Director ECRF, Brus-sels/Tübingen) and Government Departments (Science, Culture, Leadership Academy BW).
He studied History, Law and Politics focusing on European Integration at Tübingen and Durham University (University College), UK, and is a trained systemic consultant. He is lecturing (Zeppelin University, HSoG, HTW, Berlin) regularly and publishing on Leadership and Goverment Re-form.