Sabine Schwittek

Founder, Verwaltungsrebellen, Essen, Germany

Together with her colleague Dorothea Herrmann, Sabine Schwittek founded the initiative "Verwaltungsrebellen" (governmental rebels) aiming to show that the civil service can do differently from being slow, boring and bureaucratic. They encourage, motivate and connect cross-thinking and innovative people in public administration who are pleasured by working for the common good.

Since 2015 Sabine Schwittek is co-owner of synexa consult, where she supports local authorities in developing their potential in terms of work culture, digitization, cooperation and leadership. Prior to that, she worked as an internal and external management consultant - for municipal and non-profit organizations, but also in the private sector. As a business computer scientist specializing in organizational psychology, she helps building bridges between the worlds of people, IT and organization.