Sandy Rohr

Federal Employment Agency, Inhouse Consulting, Nuremberg, Germany


Sandy Rohr was born in 1976 in Brandenburg, Germany. Early on, it was clear that the girl is multi-interested and -talented. Although medicine, psychology, music, art and languages had a great appeal, she decided to study the law and - in addition to her legal clerkship - mediation. With the start of her career at the Federal Employment Agency (BA) in 2007, she was added to a degree in human resources management. Through the different specialist and management positions she has held since then, the question of how to combine creativity and order and how to balance efficiency and agility was drawn like a red thread. As a consultant in the inhouse consulting department of BA, she has been supporting numerous small and large organizational units for 5 years now in improving their service to the customer and thus always making the employment administration more sustainable. She does this with enthusiasm, empathy and sensitivity and a big heart for employee satisfaction, culture and innovation. What has become of art, music and languages? Visual facilitation, a cappella and backpacking.