Sirpa Kekkonen

Senior Advisor on Government Strategy, Prime Minister’s Office, Helsinki, Finland


Since 2003 in the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office. Senior Adviser on Strategy of the Finnish Government. As head of Government Strategy Secretariat, she has been responsible for running the Government’s strategy process including the regular Government strategy sessions and biannual strategic situation awareness sessions. The strategy work contains coordination of the policy work of the Ministries and policy programmes. Special expertise in the use of evidence and foresight in the Government’s decision-making and use of impact assessment in the Government policy-making. 

Master of Laws 1979 and Master of Political Science 2008.

Worked earlier in the Finnish Ministry of Finance designing governance reform policies and as the Director of the Finnish Institute of Public Management HAUS. International activities include e.g. working as an expert in the OECD Secretariat and acting as senior advisor in several international development projects, including EU-funded capacity building projects.

Ms. Kekkonen has been in central position in introducing the new strategic working process and leadership model of the Finnish Government. An important part of the reform has been enhancing systemic changes into the Government approaches, e.g. in the fields of digitalization and experimentation and strengthening innovative capacity of the Finnish Government.