Stephan Dorgerloh

Former Minister of Education and the Arts of Saxony-Anhalt and President of Conference of Ministers of Education, Managing Director, Wider Sense, Berlin, Germany


Vocational training including a baccalaureate, construction soldier, studies of theology in Rostock and Berlin, vicariate Chicago, 1998 study director for political youth education at the Evangelical Academy in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, from 2000 academy director, pastor and member of the church leadership and synod, 2007 moderator of the educational convention in Saxony-Anhalt, from 2008 prelate and commissioner of the EKD (Evangelic Church of Germany) for the Reformation anniversary, managing director of the Wittenberg Foundation, Chairman of the Steering Committee Luther 2017 (coordination of federal, state and regional churches), member of the board of trustees "Luther 2017", Minister of Education 2011-2016 in Saxony-Anhalt, chair of numerous boards of trustees and board members, President of the "standing conference of the ministers of education and cultural Affairs" (KmK) 2013, since 2019 managing director of the consulting company Wider Sense, Berlin; strategic foundation and management consultancy on social commitment.