Wim Nettelnstroth

Professor Department Police and Safety Management, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin, Germany


Prof. Dr. Wim Nettelnstroth has been a professor of psychology (personnel management) at the  Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) since 2012. Since April 2016 he has undertaken the role of Vice-Dean and Dean of Studies of the Department of Police and Security Management. His professional activities and research focus primarily on personnel and organizational psychology, in particular personnel selection, communication/conflict, and leadership and organizational diagnostics.

In his current research project "POLNACH - Polizeiliche Nachwuchsgewinnung: Polizeiliche Recrutierung und Personalauswahl in Zeiten erhöhten Personalbedarf" (POLNACH - Police Recruitment and Personnel Selection in Times of Increased Personnel Requirements) in cooperation with the Hamburg Police Academy, he is developing meaningful procedures for a police personnel selection and an evidence-based requirements profile.