Wolfgang Sauer

Project Manager, District of Hameln-Pyrmont, Hameln, Germany


Wolfgang Sauer, born 1969 in Frankfurt/Main, has been project manager of the Hameln-Pyrmont district since 2015. After 25 years in the savings bank organisation, where he was involved with private customer business, process organisation and project management, the trained savings bank business economist moved to the district administration of the Hameln-Pyrmont district. His areas of responsibility include the implementation and further development of a project management system in administration.

In addition to his own activities as a project manager, the focus of his work lies in the supervision of the project portfolio and the project managers of the Hameln-Pyrmont district, carrying out the entire range of municipal projects: from organisational, construction and infrastructure projects to social projects.

Wolfgang Sauer is a certified Project Management Specialist (GPM) Level D.